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Anti-Cult Declaration

Anti-cult declaration in accordance with the standards of the German Federal Association of Executive Coaching (DBVC):

We hereby affirm that we are not and do not wish to be an active or passive member of Scientology or a follower or sympathiser of this organisation; that we do not belong to any front organisation for Scientology or similar organisations/cult-like religious communities and will not disseminate their ideas; that we do not work, have not worked and do not wish to work according to the methods of L. Ron Hubbard and have not been trained, will not be trained and do not wish to be trained in these methods.

We clearly and unequivocally distance ourselves from cultish and esoteric practices of any kind, do not practise them and do not use them in counselling.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar
DYNAMIND – Psychoanalytic Business Coaching