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Psychoanalytic Business Coaching

The “triad” of psychoanalytic business coaching – or how to break a personal knot

Many executives who come to us for coaching are very well-trained and work with great professional expertise. Although they do an excellent job in many areas and manage most of it effortlessly, at one point or another conflicts or problem areas arise that they are not able to deal with themselves. In this case psychoanalytical […]

Artificial intelligence in business coaching: Is the CoachBot the future of coaching?

Artificial intelligence (AI), especially humanoid AI, is the subject of many well-known films, such as the feature film Her. In Her, a man named Twombly falls in love with an operating system named Samantha. Samantha also tells Twombly that she is in love with him. Later, however, it turns out that Samantha is also in […]

Grieving the loss of a job – an opportunity for personal development

Most people change their employer more than once in their professional career. Some make this decision actively, often with the new job in their pocket, looking forward to the new challenge. Others, on the other hand, are confronted with termination from one day to the next. Perhaps you have already suspected it, perhaps there is […]

Coach or couch? 

How to answer the question whether you should rather do coaching or therapy and what is behind the term “Psychodynamic Coaching”.

10 tips for working from home

In times of Corona many entrepreneurs find themselves with the challenge of having to work from home for the first time. Executives, employees, self-employed people – we all see ourselves forced to organise ourselves from home. Apart from questions of how to handle childcare while working from home, there is often a lack of a […]

Leadership-Coaching: Do you have every(one)thing under control?

Also known as proactivity or initiative: the ability to work autonomously is desirable, if not required, in most jobs. Nevertheless, many managers are indecisive – when do I let my employees decide, plan and think, and when do I interfere? Having control over processes is often necessary and usually tempting…but it can also lead to […]

Coaches at work: Dispute between siblings threatens company’s existence

A tragic accident surprisingly ripped the manager of a medium-sized electrical engineering company out of life at the age of 58. The patriarch had always wanted to do everything himself and would probably have led his compony into old age. Now he left behind a wife, three children and a company with about 400 employees.

Coaching or Psychotherapy?

Many clients have asked us about the differences between coaching and psychotherapy. The most important differences are summarized here in a table.

Coaches at work: From depressed mood to strategic realignment

The 40-year-old pharmaceutical sales manager had run out of ideas. His company was running reasonably stable. He was able to make a good living from the earnings, but was still burdened by the repayment of a loan he had taken out a few years ago to set up the company. Professionally, he lacked the entrepreneurial […]

Change coaching: Dont be afraid of feelings in the company!

Good intentions only become reality with difficulty and change processes of all kind in companies often turn out to be difficult. Why is that? The author and coach at the Mind Institute would like to approach this question from a psychodynamic point of view.

Coaching with the (un)conscious

In today’s rational world, work in the workplace is characterised by structured thinking. We have learned to analyse, set goals and work towards them according to priorities. Nevertheless, markets and business partners often behave differently than expected. We then perceive such behaviour as arbitrary and incomprehensible. The tasks set seem to overtax us. The behaviour […]

Coaches at work: Works council: The tiger eats its young

It was obvious to the logistics contractor that he was at the end of his rope. His private parcel delivery company with over 600 employees had lived well a few years ago. The services had unique selling points. In the context of increasing competition, he had now had to accept pressure on prices, so that […]

Coaches at work: We like to work in this company

Practical example: When the managing director of a facility management company visited a psychological consultant at the Mind Institute for coaching, his company’s sick leave had risen to over 15%. The statistics of the company health insurance fund also provided evidence that mental illnesses in particular had increased by 25% in one year alone and […]

Psychoanalytical coaching – for sustainable change in the company

Agility, flexibility and willingness to change characterize a good manager in postmodern companies. But how do sustainable changes succeed?