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Emotion regulation – a key competence for managers

Emotions influence our thoughts and our behavior. Even if you characterize yourself and your employees as rather factual and rational, you and your behavior – even if not always obviously visible – are guided by emotions. Imagine you are in an emotionally charged situation – let’s say a team meeting – and you are trying […]

Stress & working from home – when your home becomes a stresstest

Since last spring, our world and our everyday working lives have been turned upside down. With the first lockdown, many employees moved their work to the from the office to their homes. Since then, the number of people working from home has grown – now, one in four Germans works from homw. Despite the greater […]

The inner stressor – how personality patterns can intensify the experience of stress

“I’m stressed” is a much-heard response to the question of how things are going at work at the moment. Many people feel stressed and overloaded in their daily work due to work compression and time pressure. Frequently, psychological or even physical stress reactions are also attributed to the fact that “it’s stressful at work”. Frequently, […]

Why your life is boring

Corona, besides having serious and sad consequences for us and our society, has also made a lot of things more difficult and deprived us temporarily of many things that make life worth living in our privileged, Western world: Being together with friends and family, dancing, traveling, concerts. Life without these highlights may seem boring to […]

New Year, new me? – a plea for more chaos in life and lovable imperfection instead of self-optimization

Every year by the first of January, millions of people worldwide (roughly estimated) think about good resolutions for the coming year. Some reflect on their goals from the previous year, others simply start Vegenuary (no animal products) or Dry January (no alcohol) optimistically and spontaneously

Grieving the loss of a job – an opportunity for personal development

Most people change their employer more than once in their professional career. Some make this decision actively, often with the new job in their pocket, looking forward to the new challenge. Others, on the other hand, are confronted with termination from one day to the next. Perhaps you have already suspected it, perhaps there is […]

Sunday neurosis or weekend blues – why can’t I enjoy my free time?

“Wochend’ und Sonnenschein”, but you are dominated by frustration and gloomy thoughts? Although the weekend, according to the Comedian Harmonists, should mean pure relaxation, you may know the feeling of feeling anxious, sad or depressed on weekends, especially on Sundays. Find out what is known so far about the causes of the “weekend blues,” a […]

Procrastination – and what it has to do with Hansel and Gretel

Hand on heart. Who hasn’t experienced postponing an exam, postponing a project until the following week or simply not getting a final report done? In some moments we simply cannot manage to achieve the set work goals without being constantly distracted, unstructured or joyless. Procrastination often occurs in educational contexts – such as at university […]

The art of boredom

Why it can do us good to just stare at the wall sometimes Perhaps the title of this article directly stirs up resistance in you? – “Boredom? Pah! I wish I could afford to be bored, but I’m way too busy for that!” Or: “The only time I get bored is when the plane still […]

When it’s time for a fresh start

Sometimes its time for a fresh start – we tell you when its time to go.

The role of personality: inner conflicts as burnout boosters?

Personality is not a product of chance. It is not a random bundle of characteristics that differentiates us from one another. Whether introverted or extraverted, whether spirited or balanced: we have all developed a personality which, according to Allport (1959), can be described, in addition to genetic aspects, as a “unique adaptation” to our individual […]

10 tips for working from home

In times of Corona many entrepreneurs find themselves with the challenge of having to work from home for the first time. Executives, employees, self-employed people – we all see ourselves forced to organise ourselves from home. Apart from questions of how to handle childcare while working from home, there is often a lack of a […]

Burnout prevention: deceleration through belonging

Work-related stress and exhaustion symptoms increase: from 2014 to 2018, the number of cases of incapacity to work due to burnout rose by more than 10% (Statista, 2019). Many employees would like to see a slowdown in the world of work. But what has led to the increase in burnout?

Understanding stress – Part 2: Resilience and Personality

Understanding and regulating stress is becoming more and more important in our times, because chronic stress has a lasting damaging effect on the immune system and on the general mental and physical condition. Our physical reaction to stress is an instinctive and cognitively little influenceable physical state. However, it is possible to identify personal stressors […]

Understanding Stress- Part 1: The stress reaction

Understanding and regulating stress is becoming increasingly important in our times, because chronic stress has a lasting damaging effect on the immune system and on the general mental and physical condition. Our physical reaction to stress is an instinctive and cognitively little influenceable physical state. However, it is possible to identify personal stressors and reduce […]

Too much of a good thing: What role does over-engagement play in the development of burnout?

Ever since the New York psychoanalyst Herbert Freudenberger coined the term burnout to describe typical reactions of overwork of initially highly motivated employees, it has been used to describe particular exhaustion syndromes at work. In his first article, published in 1974, Freudenberger combined experiences from therapeutic practice with personal observations.

Leadership in the Corona crisis: Burnout or boreout danger?

Five million Germans suffer from depression – before the Corona pandemic. The German Depression League (DDL) is now warning of an increase in mental health problems as a result of the crisis. Factors such as social isolation, the increase in unemployment and short-time work, bankruptcies and the associated existential fears are likely to be a […]

Burn Out – losing the fine connection to oneself

Stress is an activation of the sympathetic nervous system and, if stress becomes chronic, it is one of the most dangerous diseases in the western world. Self-exploitation plays an important role.

Why it is better to get on the couch than on your yoga mat when you are having stress

Forewarned is forearmed, is an old expression, but in terms of our behaviour concerning our health, arming ourselves against potential risks to our health, does not seem so easy. We know that stress makes us ill, but this knowledge often does not lead to a healthy life-work balance. When clever and successful people choose an […]

Procrastination – an opportunity for personal development

Some rarely meet her, some know her as a constant companion: the experience of procrastination can be anything from irritating to tormenting. According to a recent study, only two percent of Germans never experience phases of postponement and avoidance. But what exactly is hidden behind the widespread phenomenon of procrastination? And how can it be […]

Coaching or Psychotherapy?

Many clients have asked us about the differences between coaching and psychotherapy. The most important differences are summarized here in a table.

Coaches at work: We like to work in this company

Practical example: When the managing director of a facility management company visited a psychological consultant at the Mind Institute for coaching, his company’s sick leave had risen to over 15%. The statistics of the company health insurance fund also provided evidence that mental illnesses in particular had increased by 25% in one year alone and […]