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Back to normal? – How to master the transition to a new normal with 5 tips.

The pandemic has taken a lot out of all of us. We have slid from one lockdown to another and have had to adapt to new conditions and regulations over and over again. Many of us have been faced with various professional as well as personal concerns and hardships that have triggered feelings of uncertainty, […]

When motivation falters – solutions for managers

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is an old saying. But it’s usually not that easy for bosses in everyday work to motivate their employees for a task, a new project or a new idea for the future. Knowing which levels play a role in this, it is possible to find out more quickly […]

Artificial intelligence in business coaching: Is the CoachBot the future of coaching?

Artificial intelligence (AI), especially humanoid AI, is the subject of many well-known films, such as the feature film Her. In Her, a man named Twombly falls in love with an operating system named Samantha. Samantha also tells Twombly that she is in love with him. Later, however, it turns out that Samantha is also in […]

Emotion regulation – a key competence for managers

Emotions influence our thoughts and our behavior. Even if you characterize yourself and your employees as rather factual and rational, you and your behavior – even if not always obviously visible – are guided by emotions. Imagine you are in an emotionally charged situation – let’s say a team meeting – and you are trying […]

20 tips for your successful online meeting

Video calls are the working method of the hour. Some of us are stuck in Zoom or Skype meetings for hours or they even have our very own bigbluebutton-room. In addition to technical problems, an overloaded network, blurry cameras and distorted sound, there are also numerous other complex and challenging situations. This article is now […]

The psychological structure and leadership – success needs more than professional competence

Everyday work demands a lot from managers. In addition to technical and analytical skills, methodical competencies are also in great demand. Good leadership also includes the ability to motivate and influence employees so that their behavior serves the achievement of previously set company goals. This is where some managers reach their limits with their professional […]

“Not again” – Get out of your personal Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in four steps

Most people know that you tend to get into the same difficult situations over and over again. Some experience that they are often rejected, others feel disadvantaged again and again or they feel ignored or oppressed within their limits. How can it be that some situations in our lives are constantly repeated? With a dilemma […]

Shame – faces of an affect in the company

Everyday working life often also means performance pressure. This often goes hand in hand with an experience of insecurity, pressure or even shame in some places. However, feelings of shame are usually experienced as extremely unpleasant and, paradoxically, often as shameful. We want to do something about this today. In this article we will discuss […]

Conflict management – a constructive approach to understand and solve conflict situations

Conflicts are exhausting and stressful for most of us. And that is why we like to avoid them. Professional conflicts in particular are sometimes sat out for a long time, until the fronts have hardened considerably and a way out seems almost impossible. But there is one…

Communication Skills: Transference and counter-transference

We are not always able to perceive our counterpart as he or she really is. Subjective distortions have a great influence on how we communicate and interact with our colleagues, employees and superiors. Transference and counter-transference – two central concepts from psychoanalytic business coaching – try to track down these distortions.

Burnout prevention: deceleration through belonging

Work-related stress and exhaustion symptoms increase: from 2014 to 2018, the number of cases of incapacity to work due to burnout rose by more than 10% (Statista, 2019). Many employees would like to see a slowdown in the world of work. But what has led to the increase in burnout?

The suffering with envy – How to deal with feelings of envy in companies

You may also know the feeling that you envy a colleague when he or she has just been promoted, is allowed to lead a new project, or has received a higher salary. You imagine how proud and great the other person must feel. Almost automatically, you compare yourself with this colleague who has something to […]

Reaching customers during the Corona Shutdown

An online presence is more than digital marketing and much more than just a good ranking in a search engine. Well-used digitalisation and digital communication can save livelihoods and retain customers in the current crisis.

Change of perspective – Mentalization as an opportunity for your company

In a company, not only business plans but also people always come together. They bring along different attitudes, opinions, perspectives and standards. If we do not succeed in reflecting these in ourselves and others, misunderstandings and conflicts are often the result.

Digitization – The longing for social resonance in times of Corona

The corona crisis and the associated requirement for social distancing demands a high degree of flexible adaptation from entrepreneurs, their colleagues and from their employees – not only in terms of working conditions, but also in terms of professional interpersonal relationships. Wherever it is possible or necessary due to quarantine, the office will be moved […]

The secret desires of teams – Part II: The unconscious company

Companies are shaped, managed and structured by people. The principles described in our last article on the existence of an unconscious, can be found not only inside oneself or between individuals, but also as collective dynamics in teams. You will find some ideas on this topic in this article.

The secret desires of teams: Part I: On the trail of the unconscious in business communication

One cannot not communicate – Paul Watzlawick’s sentence has become common knowledge. It is more or less clear to all of us that we communicate constantly and often not just what we say. But how exactly does non-verbal and unconscious communication work? How can the unconscious level of communication be deciphered, understood and above all […]

Etiquette for bad leaders: the 1o1 on how leadership fails in any case

If you really want to disqualify yourself as a boss: no problem, if you follow our tips consistently, you are guaranteed to lose the respect and motivation of your Team.

Motivation in the company: Ten insights to motivate your team

Among executives, it is said that the half-life period of a pay raise is three days. On the first day you are happy, on the second day you are used to it and on the third day you think about whether it could not have been more. Many psychological studies have shown that extrinsic motivation […]

The neurosis of the boss – or how the personality of the leader shapes the company

Modern entrepreneurs know that the success of a company also depends strongly on the personality of the leader. In this article, we would like to introduce you to a few personality and leadership styles, their strengths and blind spots. Who knows, maybe you will recognize yourself in our descriptions?

Procrastination – an opportunity for personal development

Some rarely meet her, some know her as a constant companion: the experience of procrastination can be anything from irritating to tormenting. According to a recent study, only two percent of Germans never experience phases of postponement and avoidance. But what exactly is hidden behind the widespread phenomenon of procrastination? And how can it be […]

The Object of Desire – How does psychoanalytically focused business coaching work?

It is well known that the customer’s language is learnt in a joint conversation. The focus is on the aspect of acquiring a kind of knowledge that is not oriented to one’s own needs and wishes. How can the connection between language and knowledge be put to practical use in trade, but also in consulting?

Change coaching: Dont be afraid of feelings in the company!

Good intentions only become reality with difficulty and change processes of all kind in companies often turn out to be difficult. Why is that? The author and coach at the Mind Institute would like to approach this question from a psychodynamic point of view.

Change coaching: 5 Implications for handling grief during change processes

Due to rapid changes in the market, companies and their members are constantly being urged to adapt to new requirements. Although such changes are often unavoidable in order to secure the competitiveness of the company, they are often met with great resistance from employees. In an otherwise smooth operational process, change is usually perceived as […]

Generation zero error

The demand for a successful error culture can be heard in most companies and yet dealing with errors and ignorance still seems to be a challenge for most of us. Why? What prevents professionally trained and intelligent colleagues from openly speaking up in meetings when they do not understand what colleagues have to say?