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Psychoanalytic Business Coaching

When motivation falters – solutions for managers

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is an old saying. But it’s usually not that easy for bosses in everyday work to motivate their employees for a task, a new project or a new idea for the future. Knowing which levels play a role in this, it is possible to find out more quickly […]

Develop leadership skills and avoid burnout

Many years of experience in leadership coaching show that a challenging topic for many young leaders is dealing with their own limits. Many leaders enter coaching with the experience that the surge of demands, coupled with their own high ideals and expectations, has brought them into the range of initial burn-out symptoms. We give a […]

Job Hopping – How organisations can retain the “generation unable to relate”

In his book of the same name, author Michael Nast describes Generation Y as unable to relate. A provocative statement, which he refers primarily to private relationships. But in the professional context, too, this generation is repeatedly said to be prone to frequent job changes. Organisations react to this by creating incentives in the sense […]

How creativity arises.

What moves us to creative action? If we look at the question of why an individual becomes creative, that is, what motivates creativity, we find answers in psychoanalytic theories. Thus, the father of psychoanalysis was already concerned with creativity. Sigmund Freud focused on the creative person, the personality of the artist, who seeks to satisfy […]

The immense importance of creativity

The repeated Sputnik shock! Last year, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which quickly spread across the globe as the Covid-19 pandemic, had a massive impact on our lives. The population has had to deal with far-reaching changes in the lockdown. There are contact regulations. For professional groups that are not systemically relevant, the workplace will be moved […]

The psychological structure and leadership – success needs more than professional competence

Everyday work demands a lot from managers. In addition to technical and analytical skills, methodical competencies are also in great demand. Good leadership also includes the ability to motivate and influence employees so that their behavior serves the achievement of previously set company goals. This is where some managers reach their limits with their professional […]

Vacation despite crisis? What it takes for the longed-for vacation feeling

I need a vacation! On vacation, the demands and questions of everyday life should fade into the background. Especially in times of crisis this is not so easy. Some people find it generally difficult to leave their everyday life and especially their work behind them. What does it take for a “real” vacation feeling? The […]

Between a healthy dose of overconfidence and narcissism    

We all know them. Whether in politics or business, whether at work or in the private sphere. Everywhere we meet people with narcissistic personalities. Some famous examples are the politician Silvio Berlusconi, the writer Thomas Mann, the football player Christiano Ronaldo and the designer Coco Chanel. But how does a narcissistic personality develop?

About the silent wish not to arrive

Having arrived at your destination after a long effort: what do you experience then? A feeling of satisfaction or standstill and stagnation? It can be both …

What we can gain from this crisis

Even if the crisis is not over – we can already learn a lot from the past few weeks.

The role of personality: inner conflicts as burnout boosters?

Personality is not a product of chance. It is not a random bundle of characteristics that differentiates us from one another. Whether introverted or extraverted, whether spirited or balanced: we have all developed a personality which, according to Allport (1959), can be described, in addition to genetic aspects, as a “unique adaptation” to our individual […]

Communication Skills: Transference and counter-transference

We are not always able to perceive our counterpart as he or she really is. Subjective distortions have a great influence on how we communicate and interact with our colleagues, employees and superiors. Transference and counter-transference – two central concepts from psychoanalytic business coaching – try to track down these distortions.

Burnout prevention: deceleration through belonging

Work-related stress and exhaustion symptoms increase: from 2014 to 2018, the number of cases of incapacity to work due to burnout rose by more than 10% (Statista, 2019). Many employees would like to see a slowdown in the world of work. But what has led to the increase in burnout?

Understanding stress – Part 2: Resilience and Personality

Understanding and regulating stress is becoming more and more important in our times, because chronic stress has a lasting damaging effect on the immune system and on the general mental and physical condition. Our physical reaction to stress is an instinctive and cognitively little influenceable physical state. However, it is possible to identify personal stressors […]

Understanding Stress- Part 1: The stress reaction

Understanding and regulating stress is becoming increasingly important in our times, because chronic stress has a lasting damaging effect on the immune system and on the general mental and physical condition. Our physical reaction to stress is an instinctive and cognitively little influenceable physical state. However, it is possible to identify personal stressors and reduce […]

The compulsive society in the Corona crisis

The call that precedes us Germans: we are orderly, punctual and hard-working. Or in the words of the psychologist Gottfried Barth: “We Germans tend to be compulsive.” In times of the Corona crisis, these tendencies are perhaps even more evident, whether in the hoarding of toilet paper or noodle packs, or perhaps in some places […]

The Illusion of Independence – Understanding climate change

Opinions are divided on the subject of climate change. As the journalist N. Rich showed in his small volume “Loosing the Earth”, we have known about the devastating consequences of global warming since the 1980s. And since the summer of 2019 at the latest, the topic has also received a great deal of attention in […]

The secret desires of teams: Part I: On the trail of the unconscious in business communication

One cannot not communicate – Paul Watzlawick’s sentence has become common knowledge. It is more or less clear to all of us that we communicate constantly and often not just what we say. But how exactly does non-verbal and unconscious communication work? How can the unconscious level of communication be deciphered, understood and above all […]

The Object of Desire – How does psychoanalytically focused business coaching work?

It is well known that the customer’s language is learnt in a joint conversation. The focus is on the aspect of acquiring a kind of knowledge that is not oriented to one’s own needs and wishes. How can the connection between language and knowledge be put to practical use in trade, but also in consulting?

Change coaching: 5 Implications for handling grief during change processes

Due to rapid changes in the market, companies and their members are constantly being urged to adapt to new requirements. Although such changes are often unavoidable in order to secure the competitiveness of the company, they are often met with great resistance from employees. In an otherwise smooth operational process, change is usually perceived as […]

Coaching with the (un)conscious

In today’s rational world, work in the workplace is characterised by structured thinking. We have learned to analyse, set goals and work towards them according to priorities. Nevertheless, markets and business partners often behave differently than expected. We then perceive such behaviour as arbitrary and incomprehensible. The tasks set seem to overtax us. The behaviour […]

Psychoanalytical coaching – for sustainable change in the company

Agility, flexibility and willingness to change characterize a good manager in postmodern companies. But how do sustainable changes succeed?