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Psychoanalytic Business Coaching

Coaching in Berlin

In one-to-one coaching with a member of our DYNAMIND team, you’ll learn more about yourself, your relationships and your inner conflicts. The sessions last for 50 minutes and usually take place once a week. You determine the content of the sessions, and we can meet more or less often if you prefer. To get the most benefit out of our psychoanalytic business coaching, we recommend that you work with us over an extended period of time (20 to 40 sessions).

We’ll talk you through your personal and professional challenges and any decisions you need to make, and you can rest assured that everything we discuss will be kept completely confidential. We’ll be by your side if you are looking to make a leap in your career, or if you are changing your role in a team. We know that increased productivity and improved wellbeing only follow once you have found inner balance. And we’ll mainly work with psychoanalytic concepts to help you achieve this.

One-to-one Coaching
One-to-one Coaching with our coach Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar

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Here are some examples of how the DYNAMIND team have helped clients in the past:

  • Businesspeople Acting as a sparring partner to offer new perspectives
  • Executives Leadership Development
  • Start-ups Improving negotiation skills
  • Investors Post-retirement life planning and goal setting
  • Professionals Achieving a good work-life balance
  • Consultants/project managers Dealing with customers and project teams
  • Doctors/healthcare professionals Improving communication with patients
  • Politicians/diplomatic corps Positioning and communication
  • One-to-one coaching for employees working in the same company

Exerting a positive influence on the corporate culture

  • Corporate restructuring specialists Dealing with resistance and fears in the face of change
  • Mediators Teaching new skills in the field of depth psychology
  • Coaches Teaching new methodological skills
  • Therapists Teaching new counselling skills
  • Employees/HR Facilitating in-house coaching
  • Graduates (psychology alumni etc.) Coaching training (self-experience as a Coachee)

M.Sc. Psychologist Robert Weixlbaumer