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Psychoanalytic Business Coaching

Coaching in Berlin

Dynamind at a glance

  • Certified institutional coaching provider DBVC
  • Central location in Berlin Mitte
  • Bookable as package or individual sessions
  • Our coaches have many years of expertise
  • Focus on your individual questions in a confidential conversation
  • Initiate sustainable changes. We accompany you with our analytical approach
  • Experience the strengthening of your personality as well as your career and find new freedom of action

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Where can you find us?
dynaMIND’s consulting rooms are located in the heart of the city, near the new city palace opposite to the German Federal Foreign Office. You will find us at Werderschen Markt 12 in 10117 Berlin Mitte. The nearest underground station is Hausvogteiplatz, U2.

Come to the personal consultation

After an initial telephone contact, in which you can explain the main features of your request, we will arrange a personal meeting with you. The interviews take place in our Mind Institute SE premises and last 50 minutes. You decide how many hours you want to book.

General conditions at

Business coaching at dynaMIND focuses on your professional issues. On the following pages you will find frequent requests from our clients. Each coaching is confidential and individual, tailored to your personal concerns and wishes. 

  • Are you planning your next step in your career? (→ career coaching)
  • You want to develop yourself personally? (→ career coaching, communication coaching) 
  • Are you looking for a successful approach to management tasks and an authentic leadership style? (→ executive coaching)
  • Is your business stagnating? (→ team coaching)
  • Are you interested in team development? This requires emotional and social soft skills and the ability to manage conflicts. (→ conflict management, communication coaching, team coaching) 
  • Do you experience frequent pressure and stress in your working life or do you see burnout as a risk for yourself? (→ burnout prevention) 
  • Are you planning changes in your company and wonder how successful change management can look like? (→ communication coaching)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar
In one-on-one interview with our coaches: Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar

Procedure of a business coaching at dynaMIND

Business coaching is a very personal process, which generally takes place as individual coaching in a confiding conversation. Our approach is shaped by psychoanalytic work and thinking. It is sustainable, proven in practice and scientifically based.

  • More about the psychoanalytical approach at dynaMIND can be found here
  • You can get to know our team here

The individual coaching always begins with a detailed clarification of your personal goals, the current situation, but also your biographical background.

Together with your coach, you will then begin to take a closer look at contexts that you have found difficult, conflictual, unsettling or simply challenging.

You will notice that through individual coaching you will get an idea of the mental and emotional dynamics and along these lines also the unconscious processes that you experience in your work, in your team or in your relationships. Everything you experience in your work is the consequence of highly complex dynamics in yourself and in your relationships. In our coaching you will receive support in tracking down these dynamics and you will find out how you have contributed to your career, but also to existing conflicts and experiences of stagnation. You will understand where you may have unconsciously prevented solutions and further development and how you can take new steps in the future.

In the course of the process you will develop an inner compass for yourself, your work and your relationships and you will experience a new freedom and clarity in your decisions. In this way we accompany you in your concerns, we strengthen you as a person and thereby also your career.

Advantages of business coaching

Our executive and business coaching has many positive effects. It is geared towards the growth of your personality.

  • You will not only get to know yourself and your blind spots better, but also your strengths. This will enable you to fit more happily into the working world, to plan your career strategically and to make decisions that really suit you.
  • You will increase your social intelligence and develop your soft skills
  • You will learn to better understand your demands on yourself, but also your limits – an essential component of burnout prevention.
  • You will improve your leadership skills towards an authentic leadership style.
  • You will improve your understanding of dynamics and conflicts in the team. You recognize and use resources and potentials.
  • You experience yourself as clearer, more motivated and less inhibited. Conflicts will cause you less discomfort, but become an opportunity for productive work.
  • You remain more relaxed in challenging situations and do not lose sight of the essentials.

Here are some examples of dynaMIND clients and their concerns

  • Entrepreneurs: sparring with partners at eye level
  • Manager: leadership development
  • Start-Up participants: strengthening of negotiation skills
  • Investors after exit: future plans and new objectives
  • Liberal professions: developing a good work-life balance
  • Consultants/project managers: dealing with clients and teams in projects
  • Doctors & health professionals: improving communication with patients
  • Political leaders: clarification of own positioning and communication
  • Individual coaching for employees: positive influence on corporate culture
  • Company restructurers: dealing with resistance and fear in change processes
  • Mediators: expansion of the competence in depth psychology
  • Coaches: extension of methodological competence
  • Therapists: extension of the counseling offered
  • HR employees: strengthening the skills for internal coaching
  • University graduates (psychologist et al.): coaching training

We hope we have made you curious with this description of our individual coaching. We would be pleased to inform you further in a personal conversation.

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M.Sc. Psychologe Robert Weixlbaumer