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Executive Coaching
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 Skills for managers

Managers will face different challenges in 2020 than they did a few years ago. Today´s managers need soft skills and meta skills that enable them to respond individually to employees, teams and situations. An experienced executive coach offers the appropriate support to develop and strengthen these skills.

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Advantages of executive development

  • The development of a leadership identity means to recognize one’s own strengths and weaknesses. In a personal coaching session, you or your employees will learn which leadership style corresponds to your own personality, which strengths you have and which competencies you can develop further.  In this way self-confidence and agility can be developed on the basis of individual resources. 
  • Burnout prevention: In times of rapid change and frequent change processes, personal balance is absolutely essential. This is particularly important for managers with responsibility for employees. How is it possible to remain flexible even under pressure and maintain one’s own health? Burnout prevention can be implemented individually in executive coaching or for the company with anti-stress training.
  • Self-regulation and self-management: Even in challenging situations, managers must find a balance between a cool head and a warm heart. Especially under pressure it becomes clear who is capable of managing themselves. Only those who use the important methods with a keen head are able to make important decisions in the interest of the company and the employees.
  • Career planning: Do you wish for new goals and challenges or a professional reorientation? To live according to your own conscious and unconscious wishes makes you happy and is proven to be the best burnout prevention. We support you in finding your own way, overcoming gender gaps and improving your professional career.

Communication skills as a manager

  • Communication as a manager means a high degree of self-reflection and clarity about processes and current dynamics in the company. Negotiations, employee appraisal and corporate communications require sure instinct – and this can be learned.
  • Emotional leadership means perceiving, understanding and emotionally holding the needs and experiences of employees and to make it communicable in a good way. For this purpose it is necessary to be able to deal with different types of personalities. In this way, even demanding, conflict-laden conversations can be conducted. In executive coaching, methods are developed to promote competencies and achieve goals. 

Focus on the company

  • Agile leadership means being able to act as a leader in the fast pace of postmodern and digital change culture without burning out. Mobility is required and yet a firm grounding and foresight. Executive coaching helps to learn and implement authentic authority.
  • Define and pursue goals: Leading a company is successful if also the unconscious of the company is understood. Every team and every company has its own way of dealing with goals and challenges. Let an experienced coach advise you and immerse yourself in the unconscious dimension of your company. You will notice that with a meta-view you will better understand long-term stagnation, tensions inherent in the company and failed projects. Your decisions can become more adaptive and progressive in the future with such an understanding. 
  • Crisis management and change management: Changes in the company often meet with resistance from employees. Change management requires sensitivity and the ability to deal with resistance in a successful way. 

Team development and team leadership – not only for HR managers

  • Team building and team culture are key professional tasks for managers. Leading people means discovering and promoting their personal abilities. A good atmosphere in a team depends to a large extent on the personality of the leader and his or her ability to implement their experience and create balance. 
  • Conflicts in the team/ mediation: Teams are a challenge: conflicts, tensions up to mobbing are often an indicator. The neutral position of an external and experienced coach supports managers in understanding and emotionally holding team dynamics in unproductive or stagnating teams. Team coaching, executive coaching and consulting are available for this purpose.

Business and executive coaching at dynaMIND in Berlin-Mitte

Personal coaching offers a space for further development of your own personality and career. Whether you are on the threshold of a new career step, you have to make important decisions, you want to improve your soft skills or you are looking for a new perspective on your team – with the help of experienced coaches you are well advised! By reflecting on their own career path, personal motives and biographical contexts, managers can develop their skills in the confidential setting of an executive coaching session.


Our approach to executive coaching is scientifically based and addresses the individual requirements. We have many years of expertise in revealing personality and the associated wishes and strengths. If you engage in our coaching process, you will start to rethink yourself. Real change can be seen in the transfer of practice and in concrete changes in the professional everyday life of a manager.  


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DynaMIND executive coaching at a glance

  • Certified institutional coaching provider DBVC
  • Central location in Berlin Mitte
  • Bookable as package or individual lessons
  • Executive coaching at dynaMIND means a confidential conversation with coaches who have many years of expertise. 
  • Initiate sustainable changes. We accompany you with our analytical approach.
  • Experience the strengthening of your personality as a leader as well as your career and find new freedom in your actions

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar