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Change Management
Training in Berlin

Change processes are more the rule than the exception in postmodern companies. Managers and teams are exposed to constant change, flexibility has become a must across all hierarchical levels. Most of us know how difficult even small changes can sometimes be. Those who work in the field of project management know about change resistance, fears and stagnation. We at dynaMIND understand change, or team and personality development in such phases as a special challenge. Our knowledge and experience can help you to remain flexible under pressure, to communicate sustainable changes better and to successfully establish new structures.

Change Processes at DynaMIND

At dynaMIND we work analytically, i.e. we understand the dynamics behind stagnation and resistance. When it comes to change, it is crucial to include not only the conscious but also the unconscious issues. Important changes and cutbacks in everyday working life are usually accompanied by unconscious emotions in the team such as fear, anger, doubts or feelings of not being held. If these feelings do not become conscious and thus communicable, they begin to disrupt successful change management in the long term. With our expertise in unconscious dynamics we are happy to support you and your team.

Who is the training on Change Management aimed at

The “Change” programme is aimed at all those who are involved in change processes and team development in their professional context. We offer you and your team a two-day training course in which you will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that change entails. We support you in identifying the causes of stagnation and resistance and in integrating desired changes in a sustainable way.  

The program is aimed at everyone who is affected by change processes in the company. Employees and managers at all hierarchical levels are therefore welcome.

Contents of our Training are:

  • Successful change processes in the company
  • Change coaching: how changes can be well accompanied
  • Coaching team development: new approaches and methods on the way to a motivated team
  • Successful handling of resistance, fears, work disturbances and procrastination

Methods of our Training are:

In our training we impart innovative knowledge from the coaching practice. It is important to us to become practical and concrete. We work:

  • with informative short lectures 
  • with interactive exercises or role plays 
  • with video examples and active modules
  • focused on the special requirements of your company

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M.Sc. Psychologin Julia Perlinger