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Psychoanalytic Business Coaching

Coaching with the (un)conscious

In today’s rational world, work in the workplace is characterised by structured thinking. We have learned to analyse, set goals and work towards them according to priorities. Nevertheless, markets and business partners often behave differently than expected. We then perceive such behaviour as arbitrary and incomprehensible. The tasks set seem to overtax us. The behaviour of others is often subject to clear rules, but not to those of the business world. It is shaped by the unconscious needs and conflicts and those of our business partners.

For many decades, there have been good scientifically founded methods to expand knowledge about oneself and others and to make unconscious dynamics conscious. These methods were initially developed for therapy and are increasingly being used in company coaching of mentally healthy clients.

For us coaching is psychological counselling for healthy people with the quality demand of clinical methodology. Our own experience in companies helps to quickly gain a good understanding of your task.

In coaching, you will learn to tackle problems with the left (logical) and right (creative) hemispheres of the brain. In adults, for example, daydream images can be consciously developed and steered by the consultant. Those who travel in their inner images expand their creative potential and their everyday competencies. Further techniques increase the ability to communicate within the company and sharpen perception. They gain access to unconscious content, which often represents the majority of the information. Once the knowledge has been made conscious, the solution is usually obvious. Suddenly we understand why a business partner is “like that” and why we ourselves act like that in the same situation.

In addition, our methods have a calming and mentally relieving effect on the business climate.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar