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Etiquette for bad leaders: the 1o1 on how leadership fails in any case

If you really want to disqualify yourself as a boss: no problem, if you follow our tips consistently, you are guaranteed to lose the respect and motivation of your Team.

  1. Always think in old, well-proven ways.
  2. Have everything under control: all processes, your employees and every new idea.
  3. Tactics and strategy ALWAYS take precedence over content. Take yourself seriously.
  4. Treat others, especially women, with the necessary condescension.
  5. Take up all the space during team meetings. Not only fill in the breaks, but also lunch time with your presence. No one should lose sight of you for even a minute: Your position must be secured.
  6. Don’t let your employees finish talking: Intervene immediately and correct them as soon as you discover even minimal mistakes. It’s best if you take action without finding any mistakes.
  7. Don’t get involved in deviating ideas under any circumstances. That would be a sign of weakness and would damage your reputation among your colleagues. However, when you blow up a project, always blame the others.
  8. Weakness, fears and uncertainties must be avoided at all costs. But if it is not possible to control them at some moment, you should NEVER make them visible. It is the same with exhaustion or moments of loneliness.
  9. If you should feel very exhausted, we recommend aggressiveness. Snarling at others for no reason is very refreshing.
  10.  A life beside your work is hardly overestimated. Focus on what’s essential.


If you want to seriously improve your managerial skills, then a one-on-one coaching will be the best option for you. Visit our website or contact us directly. We are happy to inform you about your options.