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Psychoanalytic Business Coaching

Artificial intelligence in business coaching: Is the CoachBot the future of coaching?

Artificial intelligence (AI), especially humanoid AI, is the subject of many well-known films, such as the feature film Her. In Her, a man named Twombly falls in love with an operating system named Samantha. Samantha also tells Twombly that she is in love with him. Later, however, it turns out that Samantha is also in […]

Why your life is boring

Corona, besides having serious and sad consequences for us and our society, has also made a lot of things more difficult and deprived us temporarily of many things that make life worth living in our privileged, Western world: Being together with friends and family, dancing, traveling, concerts. Life without these highlights may seem boring to […]

New Year, new me? – a plea for more chaos in life and lovable imperfection instead of self-optimization

Every year by the first of January, millions of people worldwide (roughly estimated) think about good resolutions for the coming year. Some reflect on their goals from the previous year, others simply start Vegenuary (no animal products) or Dry January (no alcohol) optimistically and spontaneously

How creativity arises.

What moves us to creative action? If we look at the question of why an individual becomes creative, that is, what motivates creativity, we find answers in psychoanalytic theories. Thus, the father of psychoanalysis was already concerned with creativity. Sigmund Freud focused on the creative person, the personality of the artist, who seeks to satisfy […]

The immense importance of creativity

The repeated Sputnik shock! Last year, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which quickly spread across the globe as the Covid-19 pandemic, had a massive impact on our lives. The population has had to deal with far-reaching changes in the lockdown. There are contact regulations. For professional groups that are not systemically relevant, the workplace will be moved […]

Mental stress in the corona pandemic – Support in times of uncertainty

In addition to the real health risk, the corona pandemic also leads to a lot of psychological stress. According to the Cosmo study, around 50 % of the surveyed Germans between 18 and 74 years of age currently perceive their personal situation as stressful (as of the end of October 2020). The worries and fears […]

The art of boredom

Why it can do us good to just stare at the wall sometimes Perhaps the title of this article directly stirs up resistance in you? – “Boredom? Pah! I wish I could afford to be bored, but I’m way too busy for that!” Or: “The only time I get bored is when the plane still […]

When it’s time for a fresh start

Sometimes its time for a fresh start – we tell you when its time to go.

The compulsive society in the Corona crisis

The call that precedes us Germans: we are orderly, punctual and hard-working. Or in the words of the psychologist Gottfried Barth: “We Germans tend to be compulsive.” In times of the Corona crisis, these tendencies are perhaps even more evident, whether in the hoarding of toilet paper or noodle packs, or perhaps in some places […]

The Illusion of Independence – Understanding climate change

Opinions are divided on the subject of climate change. As the journalist N. Rich showed in his small volume “Loosing the Earth”, we have known about the devastating consequences of global warming since the 1980s. And since the summer of 2019 at the latest, the topic has also received a great deal of attention in […]

Digitization – The longing for social resonance in times of Corona

The corona crisis and the associated requirement for social distancing demands a high degree of flexible adaptation from entrepreneurs, their colleagues and from their employees – not only in terms of working conditions, but also in terms of professional interpersonal relationships. Wherever it is possible or necessary due to quarantine, the office will be moved […]

Exit from powerlessness – between desires for authority and denial

Most of us have never experienced such radical cuts in our lives. It is now about coping: we have to cope with our fears, but also with the serious consequences that the measures to contain the Covid-19 virus have on our everyday life and our freedom of movement.