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Stress Management Training
in Berlin

Stress management and burnout prevention in working life

Health, a strong immune system and phases of relaxation are the basis for professional performance. But there is always professional stress, upcoming tasks and challenges. So the balance between “strong-mindedness” and “social adjustment”, between what is good for myself and what I have to do is a lifelong balancing act that has to be kept and adjusted again and again. It is particularly evident in professional life, where we are called upon to take back needs on the one hand and at the same time achieve the best results as a passionate person. Failure to succeed in this balancing act can result in stress symptoms.

Stress manifests itself in 

  • mental patterns as indecisiveness and lack of concentration 
  • the emotional reaction as depression and mood swings 
  • in behavioural patterns such as proneness to errors, nervousness, sleep disorders, in social behaviour as retreat and in conflicts 
  • as well as in physical symptoms like muscle tension, immunosuppression – 

and much more.

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Facing stress with confidence – holistic stress management

When coping with stress, we as a whole person are in demand. Successful stress management and resilience against stress depend on our personality and our individual approach to stressors. This is shaped by our experience of self-efficacy and our ability to regulate our feelings and inner states of tension.

The special thing about the course is that relaxation, understanding and self-knowledge go hand in hand. Effective solutions to problems are conceived creatively and metaphorically. The imagination forms a bridge between symptom and conflict as well as body and psyche. Through the psychodynamic handling of stress, the coachee not only finds a more successful way of dealing with stress, but also with themse

Our training for stress management

Contents of our training are among others

  • understanding of stress experiences
  • understanding one’s own pitfalls
  • recognize inner motivators, behaviour and communication
  • performance, motivation, creativity
  • psychosomatics
  • relaxation techniques

Methods of our training are: creative exercises, imagination, mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques.

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For teams: you can book the stress management training as a company for your team. Talk to us and we will put together a suitable offer for you and your team.
For private persons: if you as an individual are interested in our trainings, please contact us and we will give you information about the dates.
Location: at the Mind Institute SE, Werderscher Markt 12, 10117 Berlin. You will find us on the first floor, take the right staircase, the rooms have no thresholds and can be reached by elevator.
Costs: € 250,- (plus VAT) per participant.

The course has been approved by the Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention and is partly covered by health insurance companies. Please contact your health insurance company directly for conditions.

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The dates are two hours long and include two course units each. The course takes place on the following Wednesdays from 9 am to 11 am:

Date 1: 08/14/2020

  • Topic 1: Self-perception and stressors
  • Topic 2: Stress at work

Date 2: 08/21/2020

  • Topic 3: What does communication have to do with stress?
  • Topic 4: Self-assertion and self-confidence

    Date 3: 08/28/2020
  • Topic 5: Time management
  • Topic 6: Social support


Date 4: 09/11/2020

  • Topic 7: Motivation and performance
  • Topic 8: Stress as a symptom of unmet needs

Date 5: 09/18/2020

  • Topic 9: Personal development
  • Topic 10: Implementation in everyday life

If you are interested, please contact us or send an email directly to our course instructor Eva Weiße. Email:

B.Sc. Psychologin Eva Weiße