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Team Coaching
in Berlin

Team development in your company

Teams are the core units in the company. Successful cooperation, transparent communication, motivation and identification of a team with its values and goals determine to a large extent the success or failure of projects. Employees know more than ever about the value of good relationships in the workplace. 

However, a good atmosphere in the team is not a matter of course. Just like other projects, the development of soft skills in a team sometimes needs a push from outside and the view and support of experts.

Request a Team Coaching in Berlin

Checklist team coaching

  • You want to develop your team further?
  • Are you planning cuts and changes in your team and wondering how a team can be well supported during changes?
  • You experience chronic conflicts in the team or a lack of team spirit?
  • You want to develop yourself as a manager and you lack an understanding of team dynamics? 
  • You have a high rate of sick leave in your team?
  • You experience a depressed or lethargic mood in the team and do not understand why?
  • You want to better promote and use the potential of your employees?

We recommend team coaching on location or in our offices at Werderscher Markt 12 in Berlin Mitte.

Procedure of a team coaching

  • Phase 1: Preliminary discussion with executives, the team leader, project managers, superiorsWe hear your concerns. Afterwards we recommend (alternatively)
    1. Individual coaching (LINK) for yourself and individual employees 
    2. A training programme (LINK) tailored to your team with a focus on team development and the development of specific skills (e.g. communication or change management)
    3. Team coaching on location

    Phase 2: On-site diagnostics: identification of smouldering conflicts, stagnation and resistance

    If the focus of your problem is on team dynamics, problems of stagnation or smouldering conflicts within the team, we will gladly come to you and your team on-site. We accompany your employees in direct interaction and identify core problems and unconscious dynamics that lead to stagnation and resistance. A frequent topic is also the consequences of not well accompanied change processes in the team and inner resistance, which manifests itself in the form of procrastination, a high level of illness and burn-out symptoms among employees. In this context, serious deficiencies in trust and commitment can be addressed, especially in the relationship between managers and employees.

    Phase 3: Achieving goals and establishing new values: conflict resolution, improved team climate and successful change processes

    We work in teams and individually with managers on the now obvious problems in the company. It is important to us that we do not stop at solving individual conflicts. Team development is often a long-term process and requires changing habits and structures as well as a new understanding of dynamics and relationships. Feedback systems and the participation of employees must be part of regular processes. A change and with it the exhaustion of the creative and innovative potential of employees can then develop. We strengthen the team and individual employees in team coaching and individual coaching sessions. For some teams one or two meetings are enough, others need a longer support period, others only need a training of their managers. We give our recommendation individually and tailored to your ideas.

Request a Team Coaching in Berlin

Our approach is psychodynamic

More Informationen about our psycodynamic approach.

We work professionally and individually and we guarantee a change. For some teams our approach is very new and sometimes we experience uncertainty in the first coaching sessions. Don’t worry, separating professional and personal issues as well as protecting personal boundaries is important to us! Teams that have engaged in a coaching process with us have learned how conflicts can be transformed into potential, and they experience the atmosphere in their team today as much more relaxed and connected. An improvement of the team spirit benefits everyone!

Super Vision

Checklist supervision

You work yourself 

  • in the consulting of companies or teams?
  • in the social field with groups?
  • in further education work?
  • in therapeutic or counselling work with clients or patients? 

→ We would be happy to support you in the supervision of your work and cases.

Supervision of one’s own work is an essential part of working with clients, groups and companies. As trained psychologists and psychotherapists, we are able to quickly grasp team dynamics even “second hand”. We are happy to support you in diagnostics and intervention planning. You can rely on the confidentiality of the supervisors and their many years of experience. We lead by example. Supervision and intervision are also a matter of course at dynaMIND in Berlin!

Dipl. Psychologin Andrea Wurst