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Psychoanalytic Business Coaching

Corporate Identity and Corporate Coaching

The unconscious of the company

Success depends on more than just economic factors. Corporate identity permeates the company from within – it is the self-image and self-perception of a company. An appealing corporate identity appears essential for corporate management and communication within the company. The goal is to stand out from the crowd, to enable customers to orientate themselves and employees to identify themselves. But finding a consistent corporate identity is not an easy process. Despite good will and the advice of communication professionals, company profiles are sometimes contradictory and difficult for potential customers to read. This can also be felt internally, for example in a high fluctuation of employees. A psychoanalytical view can make a valuable contribution here. For example, it can become clear that a conventional communications agency has tinkered with an exciting concept, but there is no good fit between the concept and the company.

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Strengthen your identity with Corporate Coaching

To describe the term corporate identity, three pillars are presented as relevant in corporate coaching: corporate communication, corporate culture and corporate design.

Corporate Communication

  • What and how is communicated in the company? What and how is communicated to the outside world?
  • What team climate can be found? Is there a feedback culture? 
  • What hierarchies exist and how are they communicated?
  • What is the philosophy behind the company? What were the founders’ intentions when they set up the company?

Corporate culture

  • Common social, moral and ethical values and standards
  • Common rules, code of conduct
  • Customs, festivals and much more.

Corporate design

  • Logo, design, online and offline presence of the company

Sustainable Corporate Development at dynaMIND

At dynaMIND we know that entrepreneurs have unconscious desires too and that these desires strongly influence the corporate culture. The process of “finding one another” and thus creating a suitable corporate identity is a very personal one. If the motivation of the managing directors, managers and employees is not included in such a finding process, then a little tangible and above all little noticeable company is created.

We offer you and your team a two-day training course in which you can get to the bottom of unconscious dynamics in your company and in your team. Our training makes contradictory self-images clearer and reveals diffuse conflicts in the identity of the company. On this basis, a new vision can emerge and steps for change become possible.

Contents of our corporate training are among others:

  • How do you create an identity and a “soul” in your company?
  • Which unconscious dynamics are found in your company? 
  • What inner function does the company have for the founders and for the members of the upper management levels? 
  • Are there implicit wishes and demands on employees that are communicated subliminally? 

Do the structures of the company and the design of the hierarchy in the company suit the employees?

Methods of our corporate training are:

In our training we impart innovative knowledge from the coaching practice. It is important to us to become practical and concrete. We work focused on the special requirements of your team

  • with informative short lectures 
  • with interactive exercises or role plays 
  • with video examples and active modules

Information on the training in Berlin

For teams: you can book our training programs as a company for your team. Talk to us and we will put together the right offer for you and your team.

For private persons: if you as an individual are interested in our trainings, please contact us and we will give you information about the dates.

A training can stand on its own or be the kick-off for a team development process.

Location: at the Mind Institute SE, Werderscher Markt 12, 10117 Berlin 

Costs: € 450,- (plus VAT) per participant


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Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar