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The two-day CHANGE WORKSHOP focuses on the processes of change. How can we internalise these and make sure they succeed in our organisation?

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Your coaches will be
M.A. Psych. Eva Weiße
M.Sc. Psych. Julia Perlinger

Into Imagination:
How to use inner pictures for your work.

In everyday working life, teams constantly have to deal with big changes. Times of upheaval call for creative solutions that are right for the individuals concerned. In our workshop on the subject of change, we work with inner pictures that will help you to understand your own personality and your working environment in a new way. This paves the way for the desired changes to take hold.

Change & Resistance:
Dealing with resistance to change.

Managers that can see the bigger picture and are receptive to change are more likely to succeed. Well-prepared change processes bring dynamism to teams and reveal new areas of potential. However, change also provokes resistance that cannot always be understood or managed in the same way. You’ll learn to anticipate, analyse and overcome this resistance in yourself and others.

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with Julia Perlinger, Psychologist (M.Sc.)

What is the „Change“ training about?

The Change programme deals with the processes of change in organisations. In practice, measures to initiate change often fail at a structural level or during a leadership transition. Such changes often provoke uncertainty and fears, are so are resisted by the people affected. The tendencies of employees to want to hold on to old structures and processes can be very powerful. Even if the situation is highly unsatisfactory, employees sometimes prefer to maintain the status quo rather than take steps towards improvement. It’s not always possible to understand or overcome this kind of resistance on a rational level. The Change programme is about the unconscious, irrational forces that influence these processes. Being able to analyse, anticipate and break these dynamics can be the decisive factor in making a process of change successful.

Who is the programme for?

The Change programme is aimed at anyone who is faced with a change in their workplace or who wants to manage the relevant processes responsibly – and who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that such changes entail. No prior knowledge is required to participate in this course.

How can the Change programme improve my working day?

As already mentioned, change processes fail time and again because too little attention is paid to the subjective experiences of the people in the organisation. By focusing on the preconscious and unconscious inner world of the individual members, the dynamics triggered by such changes can be better identified and addressed. At the same time, we present methods that make change processes more likely to succeed.

M.Sc. Psych. Julia Perlinger