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Psychoanalytic Business Coaching


In the two-day LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP, we look at authentic leadership. You will get to know your leadership style and your strengths better, but also learn to recognize your blind spots.


The LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP will take place in German on Friday, 06.12. from 1.30pm to 7pm and on Saturday, 07.12.2019 from 9am to 4pm at MIND Institute SE , Werderschen Markt 12 in Berlin Mitte.

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Your coaches are
Dipl. Psych. Andrea Wurst
Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar
M.Sc. Julia Perlinger

Personality & Authentic Leadership:
Personality types and leadership styles

Turn your attention to the diverse characters you work with. Using psychodynamic knowledge, you will learn to recognise different personality and leadership types and better understand how they communicate and act. This opens up a new space where you can skilfully deploy their individual strengths.

Narcissus Incorporated:
Understand positive and negative narcissism in the company

Narcissism in management is a common phenomenon in companies, especially when management is highly centralised. Managers are often particularly charismatic and ambitious; they motivate the people around them and drive the company forward. But what if your own narcissistic tendencies become a burden for yourself or for others?

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Interview with Andrea Wurst, Psychologist (Diploma)

What is the „Leadership“ training about?

Successful leadership is measured by ethical values such as authenticity, clarity of communication and inner attitude. But communication processes in companies in particular are very susceptible to disruptions. This programme focuses on different leadership personalities and styles, explores questions of self-management and brings the relevant psychoanalytic aspects to bear.

What is the psychoanalytic background to this programme?

What can we learn from Freud about leadership? Oedipus can be read in a very modern way. He was the powerful ruler of ancient Thebes and also gave his name to the Oedipus complex – the term used by Freud to describe the relationship between fate and free will. Managers often believe they have complete freedom to decide their own destiny and that of the company and its employees. But is that really possible? Aren’t leaders, like Oedipus, caught between a super-human feeling that they can do anything and a need to act strategically? Against this background, it is crucial for us to relate managers to their personality structures. This is an essential prerequisite for successful leadership.

Who is the Leadership programme for?

The programme is aimed at HR managers, team leaders, trainers and coaches who want to develop professional expertise in dealing with colleagues and employees. No previous knowledge is required.

How can the programme improve my working day?

A key to successful leadership is the ability to recognise one’s own blind spots. The workshop strengthens your ability to assess yourself and others, as well as your communication and conflict resolution skills. Using case studies, you will develop soft skills and learn to find innovative solutions to leadership problems.

Dipl. Psych. Andrea Wurst