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When it’s time for a fresh start

Sometimes its time for a fresh start – we tell you when its time to go.

This moment on Sunday evening, when thoughts turn to the forthcoming start of the week. Again a new working week begins. Perhaps you are now thinking about the strenuous meetings of the week, about the one project that absolutely must be completed. See your supervisor before your eyes, who will once again have something to complain about, or your colleagues who are working more against each other than with each other. Or maybe it is just a week like any other, with the same routine, the same procedures, the same tasks. And then you start thinking about the next weekend, the next holiday, the next opportunity to break out of this cycle. But why do so many people stay in an employment relationship that is accompanied by so many negative emotions?

Our resistance to the new

The safe harbour

Perhaps you have been working in your company for some time now, have a permanent contract, know the working conditions and procedures, know what is expected of you. In short: you feel safe. And for many people, this feeling of structurally created security is of great importance. It gives us a sense of control, planning and predictability.

Comfort zone

To dare a professional new start would also mean leaving your own comfort zone. In the new job, the first step is to explore the framework within which one is allowed to move around at work. We must first get to know the organizational culture, the communication between superiors and employees, the general working atmosphere. Find out in which areas there is more room for manoeuvre and in which areas there seem to be very rigid limits and rules, which are often not explicitly but rather implicitly formulated. This initial exploration is exciting – but also exhausting.

Belonging and identity

And then there is the feeling of belonging – to the organization, the supervisor and the colleagues. Often we also look for an organization as an employer with which we can identify. We stand behind the values and culture that are to be conveyed through the organizational mission statements. We feel part of a community that uses its workforce to achieve the same goals. Once such a sense of identity has been established, it is difficult to leave – even if we have long lost sight of our contribution to achieving these organizational goals. Or whether we are still behind these goals at all.

The big question of personal journey

And last but not least: what do we actually want? What new challenge are we looking for? Where do we want to go in the long term? Are there any good job alternatives? For some, it’s simply a matter of wanting a change of scenery, pursuing a similar activity in a new organizational environment. Others want to completely reorient themselves professionally. Without a destination, only those at least go on a journey. And finding a destination is no easy task.

When it’s time to go

Even if we often wish we were far away in our thoughts, dream of other tasks and work areas, perhaps even resign in our imagination, many of us still remain in our usual workplace. And in many cases, this also seems to be a good mechanism to protect us from too much instability and restlessness. Sometimes even a conversation with the supervisor can help. Perhaps we are offered new tasks or more responsibility. A change of scenery in-house. In other cases, these (smaller) internal changes are no longer sufficient: at the latest when you suffer from increasing signs of exhaustion and psychological uneasiness, you should pull the emergency brake! Here it is important to find out which factors led to the exhaustion: do you feel uncomfortable in your team? Do you have a difficult relationship with your supervisor? Is the organizational culture characterized by high demands and pressure to perform? Do you feel under- or overchallenged by the amount of work? Such questions can be explored together in a psychodynamic business coaching. Often these questions form the beginning of a journey – from the familiar to the new beginning. Please contact us if we can accompany you on this journey. We coach in our premises in Berlin-Mitte or via video call.


Psychologist (B.Sc., M.Sc.) Leonie Derwahl